Monday Motivator – March 21

An elderly lady made an appointment to visit President Abraham Lincoln one day. As she entered his office, he arose, seated her, and asked, “How may I be of service to you, Madame?” The lady said, “Mr. President, I know you are a busy man. I have not come to ask you for anything. I simply came to bring you this box of cookies, for I heard you enjoyed them so much.” A silence followed in which tears overflowed the eyes of the President. Finally, he raised his hand and spoke to the little woman. “Madame, I thank you for your thoughtful gift. I am greatly moved by it. Since I have been President of this country, thousands have people have come into this office asking for favors and demanding things from me. You are the first person who has ever entered these premises asking no favor, and indeed, bringing a gift for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

What kind of worshiper are you? When did you last ponder the character and awesome deeds of God? When did you take time just to love Him for who He is?

Read Psalm 145 – a hymn of praise to the Lord, the great King, for His mighty acts and benevolent virtues, which are the evidence of his kingly character and rule.

1-2                   An initial commitment to praise

3-7                   Praise of God’s mighty acts, which display his greatness (3) and goodness (7)

8-13a               Praise of God’s benevolent virtues, which moves all creatures to celebrate the glory of His Kingdom

13b-16             Praise God’s faithfulness

17-20               Praise of God’s righteousness

21                    Every creature must take up the praise of God – forever

Did you hear the topic of conversation in Psalm 145? God’s virtue; His Kingdom. Do you talk this way about the LORD to Him? To others? What method does the writer say will be used to spread the divine King’s fame? (v 4-7, 10, 21); List all the reasons given for praising God.

What is the divine King’s true greatness? (His character, v 8); How does God treat His subjects? (He is good to all, 9); How do His subjects treat Him? (All will praise Him, 10); Do all His subjects respond equally? (10-13); God is faithful to his word (13) and loving (13); His display of care and support (14), supply at the right time (15), and the way he satisfies the desires of every living thing (16) has made his name and promises more precious; Everything God does is RIGHT! He’s loving toward all He has made (17); He’s near to all who call on him (in truth…or w/ integrity, 18); He fulfills the desires of those who fear Him, and He hears their cry and saves them (19); He watches over all who love Him, but He will destroy the wicked (20).

This Psalm instructs us about worship that focuses on the living God – by remembering His essential goodness and love, and his wondrous deeds on the behalf of His people. It opens with ceaseless personal praise and by v 21 it is clear that nothing less than the praise of every creature will suffice for such a God. What stories about God can you tell from your own life?

What kind of King and Ruler is God to you? Based on Psalm 145, how does your picture of God need adjusting? Why would spending time with the King one-to-one (or in groups) be the greatest reward for a citizen? Grow devotionally. Use this Psalm as a pattern for your worship.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

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