Monday Motivator – November 7

A real famine. A real opportunity – for you and other students to make a difference.

The worst drought in 60 years is ravaging an area called the Horn of Africa. The lack of rain is devastating communities, withering vast croplands, and killing livestock. As a result, food prices are skyrocketing and people – especially vulnerable children – are suffering. That is the bad news.

The good news is that you and other students can help people struggling to survive in Africa. Sign up now at

Students long to do something that matters. When you and your friends participate in the 30 Hour Famine, they will. They will learn the truth about hunger and experience the power of love. Not the love you see in movies, but sincere love found only in Christ. That love will drive them to give up food for 30 hours in order that hungry kids can eat.

Read Matthew 5:6God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied.

Eastern Africa is facing the most severe food emergency in the world. This famine will not be over in 30 hours, but we need to make an effort to alleviate the misery of children and adults – because WE CAN.

Nearly 2.7 million people of the 11 million affected in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia live in areas where World Vision operates. They are working extensively in those countries to provide food, seed for planting, livestock, and medical care. Feeding centers are set up in areas where child malnutrition is most severe.

A recent alert sent out by the Famine Early Warning Systems Network describes this famine as, “the most severe food security emergency in the world today, and the current humanitarian response is inadequate to prevent further deterioration.”

When you sign up to do the Famine, you will receive a toolkit full of resources and games like Phonic Frenzy, a $50 value, for free. Here are the steps to register:

  1. Mark one of the national Famine dates on your calendar: February 24-25, or April 27-28, 2012. Or pick any date that fits your schedule.
  2. Sign up to participate or request more info: Call 1-800-FAMINE, or 1-800-732-6463, or visit the web site at the top of this post.

Teach students the truth about global hunger and give them a chance to feed kids around the world. Give them a taste of hunger and a thirst for God by signing up for the Famine today. They will join a nation wide movement of young people who refuse to accept the status quo. Starvation, disease, and poverty are not acceptable. Lead students to put their faith into action by raising funds to feed and care for kids.

Serve globally. Act boldly. Overcome hunger with sincere love. Do the Famine.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

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