Monday Motivator – December 26

She was confused. Her knowledge of God had come from Christmas carols, skits she saw on Saturday Night Live, or images from the movies. The One she thought was myth and irrelevant was somehow getting her attention. At a concert in Symphony Hall, she began to understand the lyrics of Handel’s Messiah that presented Jesus as the Prince of Peace. More than that, Jesus seemed to speaking directly to her. It was as if he had his hand out and was saying to her mind and heart, “Do you believe? Will you yield to me?”

It had started a month ago when a fellow student who attended her school in Boston asked her about her spiritual story. She brushed it off by saying she wasn’t raised in a religious environment. He responded by saying that neither had he, but he still wanted to hear what she thought of God, the universe, and how she thought about the meaning and purpose of her life.

The young lady was quite amazed at John’s story and transformation. He talked about overcoming an abusive background, yet exuded a quiet confidence that the forgiveness and healing he experienced had helped him get to this point in his life. He seemed to have a true understanding of God, but more than that, he had an encounter with God that made a difference. From that point on, Deidre wanted to know God the way that John seemed to know Him.

Looking back on her life previous to this pivotal conversation, Deidre said, “I talked to God and prayed to Him, but I did not really know Him. I had invented my own version of God by picking and choosing characteristics I liked. Nothing too demanding, but I thought everyone was entitled to his or her own view. I just never had an objective source to start with. I certainly never read the Bible or asked God.”

Yet after her conversation with John, and the concert experience, Deidre started to examine the Bible. John suggested she read the Gospel of Mark and Romans, and she did – twice in a week! She read Romans 3:21-31 repeatedly because verse 21 stunned her: “Now a righteousness from God…has been made known.”

She searched Wikipedia to get some background on Handel and his own spiritual journey and how he came to compose The Messiah. Inspired, she searched the Bible for more information about Jesus. She prayed to Jesus and asked for insight. She scanned the Book of Isaiah and read verses like 59:2 (which says that sin keeps people separated from God) and 53:10 (which describes the Messiah being sacrificed for those sins).

Deidre came to recognize that Jesus was the perfect fulfillment of the messianic prophecies. Through Jesus, the Messiah, she could find forgiveness, healing, and ultimate fulfillment. To Jesus, she opened her heart in surrender. Through Jesus, her Savior, she finally knew God.

“Jesus has given me real life,” Deidre says, “not just while I am on earth, but an eternal, living relationship with the Creator of the Universe, the living God. God is my strength and my song, my life and my love. He answered the questions I had about faith. I owe God everything.”

Think theologically. Do you know God? Do you want to know Him better? Ask Him to reveal Himself to you as you read and study Scripture. Pray for specific knowledge and understanding of who He is. He will take your confusion and make things clearer in time. Just ask Him.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

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