Monday Motivator – January 16

Buyiswa, Melissa, Brenna, Roy, Jake, Patrick, Lester, Carmelina, Huzie, Chris, and John. They are some of the best people I have ever met and worked with when they were college students. They represent the epitome of character and excellence.

It is too bad colleges get headlines often for the foibles, goofiness, and destructive things students do at times. Some do mess up their scholarships with poor discipline and/or moral choices. Some get drunk, stoned, pregnant, STD’s (or  ?) and cause damage to themselves, others, and campus property. Some waste their academic opportunity. Some drop out due to internal conflicts, poor money management, or external circumstances beyond their control.

Buyiswa went to Wellesley; Melissa and Brenna attended The New England Conservatory of Music; Roy went to the Massachusetts College of Art; Patrick, Lester, and Jake attended M.I.T.; Carmelina went to Boston University; Huzie and Chris attended Boston College; and John went to Northeastern. All graduated, most with academic honors. All were involved with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship on their campus and served in student leadership. I watched all of them grow and mature as young adults, complete graduation requirements on time, and handle the stresses of college life. I am proud of them for who they are. Today, they all are doing well in the marketplace as witnesses of Jesus, based on their excellent work and godly character.

Read 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders.

I believe these eleven Chi Alpha alumni exemplify the characteristics that any employer is looking for as they search for new talent – they also reflect guidelines that work in anyone’s life.

1. Be authentic. Patrick and Lester were consistent – exactly what they said they were – men following the Master, in class or jiu jitsu. Any child can detect when someone is phony. Carmelina and John lived lives in their dorm and the lab that matched their words. James 1:22: “Do not merely listen to the Word…Do what it says.” Roy was an artist who happened to be Christian, but was real and approachable…and really good at his craft.

2. Be accountable. I remember a time Jake messed up on a work study assignment, went to his supervisor and owned up to his error. Melissa opened her life to Brenna as a book and they became pals; Brenna came to imitate Melissa’s example of walking in the Light (and with others).

3. Be a person of integrity. Chris was a man who would keep his word. Huzie dealt with people well. They both walked in truth and excellence. Buyiswa was intent on listening to those outside the faith because she was intent on influencing them for Christ. She did what was right even when it was not popular. All eleven of these alumni are people others can count on because they were like “little Christ’s on two legs.”

It is difficult to present Christ directly to some people today. They are suspicious of everything, not just the political world. It will be a whole lot easier to get a hearing for the message of Jesus if your life is marked by authenticity, accountability, and integrity.

Serve globally. My eleven former students are worth emulating. People outside the Christian faith have watched them closely and not found many holes between their words and their deeds. I am proud to acknowledge their example. Good character makes for a godly witness.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

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