Monday Motivator – February 20

Tonight 2,000 children will die from mosquito bites. And it’s entirely preventable.

A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless for his safety) has been working in a country closed to traditional missionaries as a health care worker. He has been serving the poor, caring for AIDS patients, bringing medicines to the sick, treating all sorts of sicknesses with kindness, patience, and perseverance. He argues with corrupt government officials about under the table payments for medicines that get sidetracked into the black market…medicines that my friend had prayed for and seen provided from a broad network of secular and sacred sources.

Tonight 2,000 children will die from mosquito bites because in many cases these bites lead to malaria. And left untreated means many will die. But, it’s entirely preventable.

My friend is now partnering with World Vision with a strategy to end Malaria deaths by 2015. Here are three steps for you to consider in joining my friend (and me) in partnership:

1. Ignite a Movement Through CREATIVE ACTIVISM

ACT:s to END MALARIA is a campaign to mobilize Christians, churches, campuses, and communities to use our voices and actions to end malaria deaths by 2015. Creative activism moves people from awareness to action. Experiential activities and events bring issues to life and change hearts and minds. There are tools available to equip you to create your own campaign in your area of influence.

  • A DVD explaining the disease, why we need to act, and the implications if we don’t;
  • A booklet to help you and your friends create your own campaign in your community;
  • Tools for grassroots stuff like T-shirts, art, posters and more;
  • Resources to help educate, raise funds, and mobilize advocacy around ending malaria.

2. Provide Life-Saving BED NETS

For $6.00, you can donate an insecticide-treated bed net that can save two lives and help kill malaria-carrying mosquitoes. When eighty percent of a community is covered by these nets (say, in Africa), malaria deaths are dramatically reduced. If maintained, malaria could be eliminated.

View to make a donation.

For another perspective, Google an article from Rick Reilly [written 4.25.2006] in Sports Illustrated a few years back entitled Nothing But Nets. It will illuminate how necessary and practical it is for people to get engaged in simple steps that lead to healthier lives for others.

I have donated through the charitable effort set up by Reilly and believe you should consider it.

3. Engage Our GOVERNMENT

To combat malaria effectively, the United States must increase its funding to at least $1 billion a year. They passed a law promising to do so in 2010, but have not yet followed through.

Call or email your senators, representatives, and the President, and ask them to keep our promises to end malaria. Your voice is powerful – just 10 phone calls can persuade your elected officials to fund life-saving interventions. For info on contacting your elected leaders, see #2.

Serve globally. Millions of lives are depending on us to take action. Together, we can end malaria deaths by 2015. It is entirely preventable if we supply nothing but the right NETS.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

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