Monday Motivator – December 31

The World Missions Summit 3 (TWMS3) concluded on December 30 after three days of inspiration and mobilization. TWMS is Chi Alpha’s Expedition to the peoples of the world. The 2012 theme was “Because I Care,” inspired from 1 John 4:19, “We love because He first loved us.”  TWMS ( is a partnership between Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and Assemblies of God U.S. and World Missions.

The atmosphere in Fort Worth, TX over the last few days of December has been electric as well over 4,000 college students, Chi Alpha missionary staff, and missionaries from around the U.S. and the world gathered to hear about how God is building His church from continent to continent. Early reports said approximately 1,200 students dedicated themselves to a “give a year of mission service (after graduation) and consider a lifetime.” What a sight that was to watch young men and women streaming to the front of the convention center to volunteer themselves to live out the message of Jesus and take it to the ends of the earth. Revelation 7:9 is happening!

Our daughter Sarah was at the first World Missions Summit and was part of a group of students that numbered close to a thousand and led the way in launching a student volunteer movement. She graduated and spent a year working with Latin American Child Care in Lima, Peru.

Scott Martin and his wife Crystal co-lead TWMS, and he wrote a welcome in TWMS booklet that Jesus did what He did because He cared. He fed people, healed people, raised the dead and most importantly died for the worst of us…all because He cared. Scott said he wants to care like Jesus cares. But that begs the question as to what, practically, that looks like in our lives today? I believe our caring is reflected in the way we spend, give, love, serve, pray, and treat others. It is fleshed out in the way we live, because we need all of those expressions of our caring to be influenced by God’s perspective and power.

It was amazing being at TWMS3 and seeing, experiencing, and observing a large crowd “gut check,” as to how much we really care about God and His work. What motivates our attitudes and actions? Are the things we care about the things that move the heart of God? Are the things we hold dear the things that Jesus died for? How far are we willing to go to align what we care about with what Jesus cares about? If we are honest, we should admit that it takes effort to shed our narcissistic tendencies and line up our priorities with the things God cares about.

A missionary friend said the ongoing challenge for all of us is the alignment and maintenance of our life and choices with God’s will and redemptive plan. The joy of the past few days was watching and hearing of so many who are praying and deciding to live lives that honor the Lord by their intentional choices.  What do you care about that your life actually substantiates?

Consider taking the 30 Day LIVE DEAD journey that many of us took before TWMS. Go to and get a copy of the live / dead journal for 30 days of prayer for unreached peoples and your role in God’s great rescue operation. But be warned: “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone” (John 12:24). I am leaving TWMS3 with a renewed commitment that I want to care about the right things

Serve globally. Join the movement of Chi Alpha in being willing to give our lives because we care about what Jesus cares about. It is ultimately about extending His Kingdom, right?

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

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