Monday Motivator – March 18

When was the last time you turned your back on God? When you turned back to Him, He was still there, right? Why?

I am a long time sports fan. I grew up in a family that played and watched sports. I was blessed to play and excel in big time college athletics. I even played on championship level teams. So I know all about fickle fans. I have enjoyed the warmth of a cheering crowd and the thrill of a standing ovation, where people do all sorts of things to show their love. Win a big game at the end, beat a tough opponent, set a record, and you’d think we found the cure for cancer. Not a discouraging word could be heard.

Fast forward to the next game, big match, or tournament. Many of the same fans, too. Our team didn’t change, but the results did, and the crowd turned on us like an angry dog after a stray cat. Boos rolled down onto the field from the people seated all over the stadium. Angry fans shouted stuff (abusive even) as we walked back to the home locker room. We already felt bad about losing, and some people did not know how to walk away from a dejected team without letting us have it one more time.

Sports fans (and most human beings) can be extremely fickle. We can be madly in love with something one moment and treat it with disdain the next. With one bad lecture, a professor can go from being a pretty darn good teacher to the most boring. Miss paying your tuition bill, and you find yourself yelling at your parents for their late check, even though they are putting you through school. We often turn on friends, making enemies faster than they can say, “What happened?” Yet if anyone knows about the kind of fickle people we can be, it’s Jesus.

Read Matthew 21:1-17 and 27:19-23.

One day Jesus was being adored, worshiped, honored, and ushered into the Holy City of Jerusalem (21:1-17). Before the week was over, the people of the same city were calling for Him to be killed in the most cruel and painful way imaginable – by crucifixion. They were so eager to have him killed that they were willing to let a convicted murderer go free in his place (27:19-23).

It is easy to criticize those folks in the first century for flip-flopping from being Jesus followers to Jesus haters, but we need to understand that most or all of us would have done the same thing. It’s hard wired into our nature. We all suffer from short memory syndrome and a “what have you for me lately” tendency.

That is why God’s love for us is awesome. The Creator loves His people unconditionally. In spite of our inclination to be wishy-washy in our love for Him, He told us He would never leave us or forsake us (Matthew 28:19-20). We may indeed be fickle fans, or fickle faith filled followers, but we can always count on this: We have a faithful God.

What do you have to do to remind yourself not to be fickle in your relationship with God? Who do you know is a rock-steady believer? What can you learn from them? Grow devotionally. Try to be as loyal to God as He is to you.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2013 by Mike Olejarz

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