Monday Motivator – April 8

I just spent two days with three of my Chi Alpha colleagues (Karen Keyser, Georgetown University, Josh Moran, University of Virginia, and Blane Young, American University), as we co-taught a Support Raising Training (SRT) Seminar at the University of Virginia for 29 college students from Chi Alpha groups in the Northeast. The students are graduating this spring and “giving a year” of mission service either in the U.S. or overseas.

The students were inspiring to be around. But I was more impressed by the character and leadership of Karen, Josh, and Blane.  I watched them teach and interact with the students and thought about the investment they make every day as they serve and work with students on their respective campuses. Karen, Josh, and Blane are three of the sharpest and most capable people I know in the Body of Christ. I silently said a few times in the SRT, “Way to go, God. You did well when you made and empowered Keyser, Moran, and Young.”

I know that Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is committed to influencing our world for Jesus Christ through collegiate student ministry on campuses nationwide. I recognize the university is one of the most strategic and influential centers in any culture or society. I believe the minds and hearts of young people are more open to new ideas and philosophies in their college years. Without a doubt, what happens on the university campus ultimately impacts all of society. Yet I saw again this past weekend that when missionaries like Karen, Josh, and Blane touch a student, they touch the future. And when they touch the future, they change the world.

Chi Alpha staff are passionate about Jesus and His global mission. They equip students to be followers of Jesus, helping them to grow to maturity as leaders in the kingdom of God. They invest their time talking about Jesus and His teachings with students, teaching them to live out and pass on their faith, mentoring students in critical thinking, and caring for those in need.

Knowing that most students will end up in the marketplace, Chi Alpha staff teach students to recognize work as a divine calling and an opportunity for genuine ministry. They are equipped with the tools they’ll need to serve in a local church and to reflect the character and ministry of Christ while on the job. In addition, they provide opportunities for students to participate in missions. While reaching out to international students on campus is a staple of campus ministry efforts, spring break and summer mission trips to every continent happen every year. Chi Alpha partners closely with mission agencies around the world to mobilize students for compassion and service ministries, pioneer student work worldwide, relief and building projects, fasting and prayer walking vigils, and outreach focused efforts.

Read Matthew 28:18-20. You know what? The evidence is that Chi Alpha staff are doing just what Jesus commanded – making disciples. And I just spent two days with 29 of them.

I believe every college student should have the opportunity to study at the feet of the world’s greatest teacher.  People like Karen Keyser, Josh Moran, and Blane Young are making that dream a reality every day on the campus they serve.

Walk wisely. If I were a college student, I’d get as close to people like Karen, Josh, and Blane as I could. They model what it means to live life well. Pray for and affirm your Chi Alpha staff. Urge your parents to financially support them. They are making a difference for eternity.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2013 by Mike Olejarz

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