Monday Motivator – April 22

What part of creation amazes you? The stars in the sky? The ocean and its inhabitants? A puppy dog? The human body? How about spiders?

Some people are afraid of spiders. I enjoyed the 1950’s B movie called Tarantula, where a professor is experimenting with growth hormones to increase the world’s food supply. A spider escapes from the lab and grows to gigantic size and wreaks havoc. I remember a mission trip in the 1980’s in Jamaica and waking up one morning to see a spider bigger than my hand on the wall of the place we were staying. That one did not cause much havoc due to my size 12.5 shoe.

Tarantulas are big, powerful spiders created with a hard exterior shell and extra sensitive fine hairs to detect food. When they attack their prey, their response is so fast that it cannot be captured in milliseconds. When not coming out of their holes for food, they manage to survive quite well.

But this adept creature is defenseless against the Pepsis wasp. This species of wasp is usually a deep, shiny blue and loves nectar. Its sting is painful to a human and fatal to its prey. But it needs a live tarantula for its offspring to survive.

When its time to lay her egg, the female Pepsis wasp goes spider hunting. She first checks to see it is the right species of tarantula. She then extends her stinger and readies to plunge it into a section of the spider between its legs and body. She grabs the spider leg and after a struggle drives the stinger in, pumping poison into the tarantula (no cheering, please). In seconds, the spider is immobile. The wasp then drags the spider to a hole she dug earlier and drops it in. She follows it down, glues her egg to its abdomen and leaves. When the baby wasp hatches, it feeds off of the tarantula until it is ready to fly.

Amazing huh? The tarantula never wins. The smaller wasp survives on the larger spider. Who came up with this idea? Not the tarantula or the wasp.

Read Psalm 105:1-11. Genesis 1:25 says God created all the wild animals.

Everything created required a Creator and Master Planner. That Great Designer is the God of Scripture. The Bible describes His creative genius in Genesis 1-3, as well as Psalm 90:2, Colossians 1:16-17, and Hebrews 1:2 and 11:3.

No one exceeds God in creativity and design. His works are marvelous writes the Psalmist – too awesome to be put into mere words, yet even the rocks cry out as they reflect on who God is. Every time we study His character and His works, such as the tarantula and the wasp, we are overwhelmed. For a personal growth project, watch the Ken Burns PBS series on America’s National Parks. Listen for the narrator to describe the view of those who worked tirelessly to see that these areas of the United States were eventually set aside for the benefit of all Americans. They saw the beauty of the land and the creatures in places like Yosemite and recognized the transcendent hand of God behind its creation. God alone is to be praised.

Grow devotionally. How can you use the wonders of creation as a witness to the reality and power of the one True God. Look around today. Creation is a finger that points to God.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2013 by Mike Olejarz

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