Monday Motivator – September 23

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is an idea birthed from the heart of God. Since our origin in the 1950’s, we have sought to respond to God’s love, grace, truth, and majesty by establishing and advancing communities of college students who experience New Testament life at colleges and universities in the United States and on every continent that has college students.

Our dream is to turn students and faculty into Christ-centered laborers who know, follow, and serve Jesus as Savior and Lord. We equip them to grow in love for God, His Word, His People, and His Mission, recognizing that American and International students of every ethnicity and culture need to encounter the greatest Teacher so they can fulfill God’s purposes in the world.

In college, we believe followers of Jesus are called to be a redeeming influence among its people, ideas, and institutions. Consider how we use the following for FORMATION:

Scripture: We model and teach that we encounter God through Scripture and are transformed by the Holy Spirit as we hear, read, study, memorize, meditate, teach, and obey His Word.

Worship & Prayer: We express our love, faith, and dependence on God through humble lives of submission, prayer, and adoration.

Community: We follow the New Testament example of living, modeling, and promoting authentic and redemptive relationships marked by grace, truth, and trust.

Spiritual Formation: We cultivate intimacy with God and growth of Christ-like character through personal and corporate spiritual disciplines, enabled and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We take seriously Jesus’ admonition to engage in learning and thoughtful Biblical reflection and action that affects each area of our lives.

Servant Leadership Development: We prepare men and women to serve as Mark 10:45 leaders, honoring God’s gifts and calling in each of them.

Now consider how we use the following EXPRESSIONS:

Evangelism: We model, proclaim, and live out the gospel with love, clarity, relevance and boldness, calling students and faculty to repentance, forgiveness, and new life in Christ

Stewardship: We teach, model, and proclaim Jesus as Lord over all of creation and culture, living and striving to integrate calling, faith, life, values, and vocation in serving His cause.

Church: We prepare staff, students, ands faculty to be lifelong members and active participants in local congregations. We mobilize and equip churches to serve a college in their community.

Mission: We serve God and partner with His people to extend His Kingdom cross-culturally on campus and around the world.

Live communally. Pass on what you know about being formed in Christ. Express your faith to someone else. Make your life count by joining us in the greatest rescue operation of all.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2013 by Mike Olejarz

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