Monday Motivator – December 9

My great-grandparents wanted it for their children. My grandparents wanted it for their kids. My parents wanted it for my siblings and me. Barbara and I wanted Josh and Sarah to get it. Even God wants it for all of us. It = a balanced education. That’s why He gave us two books of His works: the first covers the material universe (i.e., the general revelation). The second is the Book of His words, the Bible (i.e., the special revelation).

Both books are critical to a balanced education. The cosmos tells us about His creativity, eternal power, sovereignty, and superiority over all things in heaven and earth (see Romans 1:20). The Bible introduces the Creator to any who would pay attention, informing us of the purposes of creation, how to know and relate to the Lord of all, and how to prepare to spend eternity in a loving relationship with the One True Creator (see Proverbs 2:6).

Read Psalm 119:97-104.

My first year Philosophy professor taught me about knowledge and ethics. Knowledge is everything I’ve come to understand about the world around me from all the sources I can access (observation, trial and error, family, relationships, skinned knees and bruised ego from various mistakes, the creation, experiences, and books (even the most famous Book of all time – the Bible).

Ethics is what I come to know and understand to be moral, good, and right. My professor gave us an equation to consider: Knowledge + Ethics = Belief + Behavior.

As a follower of Christ, the Bible is a significant source of understanding about ethics as well as the origin and purpose of creation. Our behavior flows out of what we know to be true, good, moral, and right. Or at least it should be, right? That is general, foundational understanding.

The modern, secular worldview does not acknowledge the Bible as a source of truth. For that reason, many of those outside the church ignore the value, insight, and truth of God’s Word, and its instruction about what is moral, good, and right. Unfortunately, they read from only one book – the natural world – to their loss and ultimate demise.

That is one reason why we hear so much about people finding and determining their ethical standards from the theory of evolution. That naturalistic view is why cultural leaders, educators, and politicians can justify so much modern behavior: shifting moral attitudes on integrity in the marketplace, sexual promiscuity as normal sexual behavior, the killing of innocent children in abortion, and even the rooting out of sacred traditions and practices from regular community life. That kind of thinking results from a seriously unbalanced education.

How do you weigh the value and truth of God’s books in your growth and maturity? Before you act on personal and professional decisions? How are you sharing with your friends and colleagues the importance of getting a truly balanced education and perspective?

God knew what He was doing in creating and providing two books for all of us. He gave us two major revelations of truth. Both are essential to guide people in their belief and behavior. He also gave us the “clearest” revelation of all when He was born as a baby in a manger – Truth came as a Person. Walk wisely. Pay attention. Don’t weigh and run your life on unbalanced scales!

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2013 by Mike Olejarz

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