Monday Motivator – January 13

When it comes to planning your day, how organized are you? Do you go with the flow, micro-manage stuff, or fluctuate back and forth between those tendencies?

We recently rang in the new year. People checked their watches and clocks repeatedly so as to be able to recognize when the new year would be launched. Around various time zones, people crammed into homes, parties, and downtown areas to celebrate another year ending and another one starting. Thousands jammed Times Square in New York City on an annual trek and millions watched on TV as the famous ball dropped.

Outside in the streets and inside, people shouted, hugged, blew horns, lifted hands, and danced to welcome in the new year. Many prayed and worshiped God, thanking Him for another day of grace and goodness. Others offered toasts, prayers, well wishes, and celebratory expressions as everyone said, “Happy New Year” to someone.

This is my 55th year on the planet and I have seen similar actions ever since I was old enough to understand what happened on the last evening of the last day of the year. Assuming I’m around next year to witness some of it, the same sort of stuff will happen again. Time, nevertheless, moves on relentlessly, bringing good times and bad, joys, sorrows, disappointments, successes, highs and lows, setbacks and victories…all in twelve months.

I saw one news report that highlighted many different sorts of instruments that would monitor the annual rite of time’s passing: various mobile devices, computers, desk and alarm clocks. I thought of the tall chiming clock in grandmother’s living room, and even the old, silver Timex watch I have used for twenty years. My Honda CRV has a digital clock in the dashboard, and I have an old middle school time clock in my garage. All of these clocks record our time closely.

Many people use their smartphone or PDA to help them plan their time, remember appointments and stay on track. Many are upset, uneasy, or off stride until their schedule is set for the day or week, and they react with some grumpiness when it is interrupted or gets thrown off.

God’s clock is different from ours. His timing is impeccable and often disrupts our own schedule – in spite of our best efforts to stay in control. One challenge we have is accepting His timetable, and despite how hard it can be, it is a healthy barometer of our spiritual maturity. Delays, interruptions, changes, accidents, losses, layoffs, and course corrections are part of life and God is never surprised by any of them, even though we can be overwhelmed by one or many of them.

Read Romans 1:11-17.

The apostle Paul tried to get to Rome on several occasions but kept being delayed (Romans 1:13). You may have great and wonderful plans for the upcoming semester or year, including spring break trips, special events, job searches, and even graduation. They may happen just as you envision them now, or they may end up being changed, adapted, or even cancelled.

Walk wisely. God holds time in His hands. How can you get better at seeing beyond your perspective of time to see God’s? In what ways can you recognize God’s hand at work in and through the circumstances you face, and even trust Him for what He is up to behind the scenes?

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2014 by Mike Olejarz

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