Monday Motivator – January 20

Listen to the late Robert C. Goizeuta, Chairman of the Board of Coca-Cola as he addressed stockholders in early 1994: “All of us in the Coca-Cola family wake up each morning knowing that every single one of the world’s 5.6 billion people will get thirsty that day…and we are the ones with the best opportunity to refresh them. Our task is simple: make Coca-Cola and our other products available, affordable, and acceptable to them, quenching their thirst and providing them a perfect moment of relaxation. If we do this…if we make it impossible for these 5.6 billion people to escape Coca-Cola…then we assure our future success for many years to come. Doing anything else is not an option!”

Why does Coca-Cola work? They recognize a thirst; they have a great product and have confidence in it; they intend to help every person on the planet drink a Coke; and doing anything else is not an option!

Read Matthew 28:18-20 and Romans 1:16.

Did Jesus really believe what He said and mean it? Did He put a global mandate on the shoulders of the first disciples and expect them to follow through, no ifs, ands, or buts? Does He expect the rest of us to follow their example and do what they did in our time and web of influence?

A lot of people try and complicate Christianity. But the teachings of Jesus, in their essence – what C.S. Lewis called “mere” Christianity, is not difficult to understand. It is so simple that children can understand it:

The Romans Road lays out the plan of salvation through a series of Bible verses from the New Testament book of Romans. When arranged in order, these verses form an easy, systematic way of understanding and explaining the message of salvation.

1. Everyone needs salvation because we have all sinned (Romans 3:10-12, and 23).

2. The price (or consequence) of sin is death (Romans 6:23).

3. Jesus Christ died for our sins. He paid the price for our death (Romans 5:8).

4. We receive eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9-10, and 13).

5. Salvation through Jesus brings us into a relationship of peace with God (Romans 5:1, 8:1, and 8:38-39)

Sadly, millions of people still cling to the vague hope that their good deeds will impress God. After all, they reason, they’re not that bad. The idea that all of us do not deserve eternal separation from God is not found in the Bible. It’s a lie from the father of lies, and it is sending people to hell each and every day. But Christians are called to know and make God known.

Do not complicate the biggest and most substantial question you or anyone else will ever have to answer: What will you do with Jesus?

Once you put your trust in Him (and what He did on the cross for you), then start passing on the message. With all due respect, what Jesus has to offer the world is more tasty than some sugared (and low calorie) water. Serve globally. Be an object of God’s grace and pass on that grace to as many as you can – it’s the only option and their future (heaven or hell) really does depend on it.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2014 by Mike Olejarz

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