Monday Motivator – March 24

When you learn about the time when Darwin’s theory of evolution was introduced in the 1800’s, you will find that many scientists were eager to accept it. There was a philosophic argument going on that said religious ideas and principles were made up by weak minded people who needed to believe in a set of myths that were organized. Modernism’s influence was growing and that worldview said it did not need any sort of faith system to make sense of the world.

People a century or two in the past did not know as much as we know today. Our understanding and grasp of space has increased significantly through space exploration, probes, and the Hubble telescope. Our knowledge of the world around us has increased as well due to powerful microscopes. Each new discovery has exponentially increased additional evidence for an intelligent designer, which followers of God would argue is the Creator and Designer of all.

One piece of evidence I am amazed at is the human cell. In Darwin’s day the cell was simply a drop, splatch, spot, dash, or blob of protoplasm. They just did not have the technology to know that much about the cell, but today we know better.

One science journal I perused revealed that the entire human cell should be viewed as a factory that contains an elaborate network of interlocking assembly lines, each of which is made up of large protein machines. One of my college professors described our cells as complex mechanisms. The surface of the cell actually has sensors, gates, pumps, and markers for identification and purpose. The inside of a cell has tiny power plants, work areas, and units for recycling. Microscopic rails carry materials from one area to another in the cell with rigorous consistency. Tiny bacteria such as E-coli have small, outboard motors (or flagellum) that have an engine, drive shaft, U-joint and propeller that move at high rates of speed.

A term has arisen among those who study these incredible cells and it is intelligent design. The general premise is it would require an intelligent creator to devise and create the intricate, microscopic ingredients necessary for a cell to be created and put in motion. The odds of the components necessary to make a cell coming into creation (and maturity) at the same time in order to function effectively is infinitesimally small. In other words, they could never be assembled by chance. All of the parts have to be assembled simultaneously in order to function.

Read Psalm 139:13

The writers of Scripture argue that there is One God and Creator. He wrote two Books (Scripture and nature) for humans to study and follow its clues in order to find Him. The Psalmist wrote in Psalm 139 that God is creatively and actively involved in making and developing human life (v 13). He cares for a baby who is made at conception and has an eternal destiny for his or her life.

I believe the inner workings of a human cell are clues to the existence and character of God. I also believe intricate designs all around us on earth, under the earth and the seas, and in space are additional clues to a Designer. Ultimately, Jesus is the clearest evidence of the God who is.

I agree with the apostle John that God created everything by His powerful Word (John 1:1-3). More and more people, including those in the physical sciences, are beginning to acknowledge His incredible design. Walk wisely. The cell leaves clues and speaks well of God. Will you?

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2014 by Mike Olejarz

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