Monday Motivator – July 7

Who is the most recent convert to faith in Jesus Christ that you know? What part did you play in his or her beginning a relationship with Jesus?

Read Romans 10:14.

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries exists because we believe the God of the Bible is indeed alive, present, and active in today’s world. Our staff and students believe He has entrusted to us the ministry of sharing His message of salvation and forgiveness (see 2 Corinthians 5:18-20).

I heard recently from Chi Alpha missionaries Joe and Rachel Gavin (The University of Vermont), Glen Davis (Stanford University), Eric Treuil (The University of Louisiana), and Mark Randall (Murray State University – KY), how they are equipping students to be aware of those around them who need to hear the good news of Jesus, and how to connect with them.

Not that Chi Alpha is the sole recipient of God’s message or that we have cornered the market in evangelism. We are one of many campus ministries working to engage students and faculty on college campuses with the person and message of Jesus. Thousands of churches encourage their members to share their faith – providing excellent training opportunities and evangelistic events.

Regardless of where you are right now in your church attendance or Bible study practice, be sure to be involved in personal, group, and community evangelism. Nothing energizes a group of Christians like some new faces. It is refreshing to see the excitement new believers have about truth that us long-timers can take for granted.

Don’t live under the illusion that your non-Christian friends are not interested in the teaching of Jesus. They might seem cocky, irreverent towards things of faith, too involved in stuff they may not want to give up, or just plain bored with what they have seen of the people of Jesus (not to mention maybe being stiff-necked, hard-hearted, and running from God). That’s why the apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:11 that, “we regard no one from a worldly point of view.”

Paul recognized people who ooze confidence may be shielding insecurities, doubts, and fears deep inside. Those who practice sin are covering up their fragility and pain in the wrong way(s). Remember the woman at the well in John 4 that Jesus spoke with? She attempted to hide her pain through relational fragmentation, but Jesus patiently listened and found the way to her heart. She became a vibrant witness of who Jesus was to her friends, family, and whole community.

We have a wonderful message to share with everyone. When someone responds to Jesus (and they will), everyone gets blessed. New believers experience God’s presence and the messenger revels in being part of the process. Being a witness involves telling what you’ve seen and heard.

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries engages students and faculty in discussions about life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus to all of life. Join us as we seek to inspire the shapers of tomorrow’s culture to connect their life, passion, and journey to the story and person of Jesus Christ. What changes does God need to make in you through His Holy Spirit to make you more useful as an evangelist? Are you ready and willing? Think theologically. Witnessing about Jesus is every believer’s responsibility, including yours.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2014 by Mike Olejarz

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