Monday Motivator – February 2

Panic hit. The mother had gone to the back door to tell her 3 year old girl it was time for dinner and she realized little Susan had been gone far too long. “Susan…Susan…Suuu-saaan.” No answer. She looked behind the house, in the garage, but saw nothing.

Next to the house was a wheat field. The mother instinctively knew where Susan had wandered. It was late afternoon. The mother ran back to the house and started yelling for her husband and son to come outside. They joined the search. It was tough. The wheat was about the same height as the little girl and her blonde hair would blend in with the color of the ripe wheat.

Fear now seized the search party. Night was falling and still no Susan. Word spread and neighbors began to show up to help, but darkness forced them to abandon their search. No one slept that night and everyone tried to comfort Susan’s parents.

It was about dawn when the sky started turning gray and the search began again. Just as they were starting into the wheat field, one of the neighbors said, “Hold it, let’s organize this and do it right. Hold hands and we’ll form a line. We’ll sweep across the field, then turn around and come back in another sweep until we’ve systematically covered every inch out here.” Everyone agreed it was a good idea. The day before it had been a random effort.

They hadn’t gone very far, perhaps 300 yards when someone yelled, “I’ve found her.” The mom and dad ran to the location, and the mom got there first. She stooped down to pick up the cold, lifeless body of her precious 3 year old. BUT IT WAS TOO LATE.

The silence was broken by sobs of sorrow. After a long time, the family and neighbors started moving toward the house. Then the husband spoke up, “I just want to thank you for your help….but I have only one regret…why didn’t we organize ourselves and do this last night?

Read Luke 5:18-19.

What qualities do you notice in the young college students who brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus? What’s being modeled? Zeal? Cooperation? Responsibility? Perseverance?

Matthew (9:2) and Mark (2:3) both have this same story in their books and said there were 4 guys carrying the stretcher. Have you ever thought about how important teamwork is in the Kingdom of God? 4 guys brought a paralyzed guy on a stretcher to Jesus. These 4 guys were zealous, they worked together, and they worked hard to get their buddy to Jesus, convinced that Jesus could do something to help him.

What kind of people are Christians supposed to bring to Jesus? Sick people (Matthew 4:24);

Insane people (Matthew 9:32); Helpless people (Luke 5:18-19); Blind people (Luke 18:40);

Seeking people (John 1:41-42); Doubting people (John 1:45-46); Sinful people (John 8:3);

Sorrowful people (John 11:28). How about any human being we can (John 3:16-17)?

Live communally. How hard are we working to bring people to Jesus? How hard are you and I willing to work? Everyone must be mobilized, trained, and producing. We just can’t do our own thing. WE MUST DO HIS THING. Together. Will you work together to bring people to Jesus?

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2015 by Mike Olejarz

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