Monday Motivator – July 6

I have benefited from being part of the annual Global Leadership Summit (GLS) the past five years, sponsored by the Willow Creek Association. I have gained vision, inspiration, and practical skills that I have been able to apply immediately in my work and ministry context.

Many who attend a GLS agree that leveraging the Summit as a resource to sharpen your skills and unleash the full potential of your team is worth the effort of attending the Summit.

Independent research conducted by Excellence in Giving found: 83% of those who attend feel improved teamwork, increased job satisfaction, and productivity; 61% say their organization is more effective because of clearer vision; 87% feel a greater sense of significance and satisfaction; and 81% cited concrete ways their supervisor has become a better leader.

I participated in a GLS follow-up seminar with Mark Miller of Chick-Fil-A. Mark started by saying when you ask what you mean by a good leader, you often get lots of responses. He said there are actually 6,000 definitions of leadership. He used the image of an iceberg to denote that the 10-15% of the ice visible above the surface reflects the skill(s) of a person. The 85% of the ice below the surface represents the character of a person. Both are needed for healthy leaders.

Mark then used the acrostic (SERVE) to describe what “great leaders” do. They:

  1. See the Future. They are able to articulate a preferred future, a pre-cursor to change. Since things tend to the status quo, there is need to be grounded in purpose in order to see a better future and move people from here (present) to there (a better place).
  1. Engage and Develop Others. Since most of your success is determined by those closest to you, it is critical whom you recruit and develop to be on your team.
  1. Reinvent Continually. Three areas to constantly review and improve on are: A) Personal growth (how are you learning and growing?); B) Systems and work processes (hope is not a strategy…systems create behavior); and C) Structure as needed (make sure people, product, process is aligned, understood, and repeated). In other words, get the job done!
  1. Value Relationships and Results. All of us have a natural bias towards either relationships or results. Own your bias and get better at handling both. The best leaders value both by learning to compensate. Jim Collins says, “It’s the genius of the ‘and’ when it involves options and biases.”
  1. Embody the Values of the Organization. People always watch the leader and do not follow those they do not trust. Are the vision, values, and mission statements merely statements on the wall or actually lived out in the hall?

Great leaders SERVE. They See the future, Engage and develop others, Reinvent continually, Value relationships and results, and Embody the values.

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries believes that our staff, student leaders, and students need to make the choice to be a servant leader everyday. Read Mark 10:45. Jesus came to serve others. Serve globally. We need to emulate his example on campus and in the marketplace in word and deed.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2015 by Mike Olejarz

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