Monday Motivator – November 2

I have met, worked with, and enjoyed being around lots of college students who had low self-esteem. Some said they weren’t the smartest in their class (or even in their family). Others thought they were not pretty or handsome. Several did not think anyone thought well of them, or that they had potential to succeed at something. Sadly, a few confided in me that their parents doubted their significance. Most students said their parents loved them dearly and were their biggest cheerleaders.

I remember when my wife got pregnant with our first child. All through the pregnancy, Barbara (and I) thought about the tiny baby growing in her womb. At mealtimes, she would often gulp down some extra milk, fruit, or veggies as she was actually eating for two. I would do the same (in full disclosure) because I was simply hungry.

Barbara’s soon-changing wardrobe choices were a reminder about the new and growing life inside her. At night, increasing difficulty in turning made her conscious of the baby. Barbara would often say that daytime or night, regardless of what she did or was doing, there was seldom a time when our soon-to-be-born baby was far from her thoughts.

Mothers think a lot about their kid(s), before and after they are born. They sacrifice for them. They invest love thoughts, love words, and love deeds each and every day. They suffer for them and with them. They love to laugh, hug, and cuddle with them. They are eager to pray for, encourage, and inspire them to be their best.

Read Isaiah 49:13-18.

Scripture says God thinks about His children constantly as well. The prophet Isaiah wrote Spirit-inspired descriptions of a heavenly Father who never forgets any of His children. Mothers (and fathers) are not perfect and will make mistakes in raising and caring for their kids. Yet the Creator not only has more than one or two kids, or a few hundred, yet millions upon millions of men, women, boys and girls He calls His own.

He knows each of them by name (see Isaiah 43:1) and as Psalm 139 so eloquently describes, He knows and perceives all of our thoughts, understands our hopes, relates to and sympathizes with our fears, shares our dreams and aspirations, and sees the sin and darkness that we struggle with and our feeble attempts to keep secret.

What are some love thoughts, love words, and love deeds your mom has given to you? Now think of love thoughts, love words, and love deeds that the Lord has given to you. He loves and cares for us more tenderly than any earthly mother ever could. Keep in mind that it’s not a race or a contest. But, how do you thank your mom and God?

I recently lost my mother as she succumbed to cancer so close to her eighty-first birthday. I have so many memories of her love towards me. It was her life and love that made it easier for me to understand and relate to the love of God modeled by Jesus.

Think theologically. The next time you feel unloved, remember the Father is thinking of you with great tenderness. God’s mind is on us and it never wanders. Rest in Him.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2015 by Mike Olejarz

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