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Monday Motivator – January 4

In The Magicians Nephew in the Chronicles of Narnia, the divine Lion, Aslan, sings the land of Narnia into being. Author C.S. Lewis imagines the scene where “the Lion was pacing to and fro about that empty land singing his new song…and as he walked and sang the valley grew green with grass. It spread out from the Lion like a pool.”

The Psalmist said in 19:1 that “the heavens are telling the glory of God.” Everywhere we look we see clues and signs of the Creator’s Almightiness. All around are literally designer originals.

To be like Him is to sing and honor Him. What would happen to your relationship with God if you took time each day to worship Him? Would you consider reading and using the Book of Psalms in your daily habit of being with the Father? Find a month with 30 days and read and/or sing 5 a day as a way to deepen your worship of King Jesus. Let’s try one today as an experiment.

Read Psalm 98.

Psalm 98:1 says to sing to God a song of praise and worship for his victory and His salvation being made known. Think about something marvelous He has done (v 1). Thank Him for one way His powerful hand has upheld you (v 1).

V 2 says to consider the ways His salvation is being made known in the earth, among the nations, among your family, among the international students on campus. V 3 says God kept His covenant with the people of Israel. How has He kept His covenant with you?

V 4 reminds us to sing a song of joy to God. Play a song with an instrument (even your hands on a table or your thighs) – a song that reminds you of your joy before the Lord like v 5-6 suggest. V 7 urges us to contemplate the many ways God’s creation speaks of His presence. V 8 (as depicted from the screen shot on my iMac desktop display) shouts that the beautiful rivers and mountains glorifies God and lifts my understanding of His wonderful creativity.

V 9 instructs us to remember God is indeed a Judge – and how His salvation work on the cross puts us on the right side of His judgment. That is worth a praiseworthy shout, don’t you think?

Go ahead, I’ll wait as you lift your voice to praise Him for that. Thank Him for His righteous acts of judgment and justice.

Thank you, Lord, for showing us more about Yourself from Psalm 98. Help us to understand and grasp the greatness of Your works, especially the value and depth of the salvation You provided through Jesus. Help us to remember Your love and Your faithfulness in keeping Your promises. Enable us to praise You in song and action in ways that honor You. Help us to explore Your creation and appreciate your handiwork anew. We recognize and surrender to You as Judge and the Savior of our souls. Help us to do what You say is right. Help me to cultivate a daily habit of worshipping You in Spirit and truth.

Be honest and look for what may get in your way of such worship. Time? Academic pressure? Fear of intimacy with God? Grow devotionally. Worship is not a mood or feeling, but it is something we do in response to who God is and what He has done.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2016 by Mike Olejarz

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