Monday Motivator – April 11

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is a mission movement that engages students and faculty on hundreds of campuses in the United States with life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life. We hope to create an open environment where those outside the church can bring their questions and explore the life of Jesus and where Christian students can find growth and encouragement. Our efforts to reconcile students to Christ and transform the university, the marketplace, and the world have three key aims:

Reach Students: Our focus is to reach college students from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, especially the unchurched, root them in Christ, equip them to be life-long disciples of Christ, and send them out for effective Christian service while in school and after graduation

Train Leaders: Our goal is to develop students into Christ-centered representatives and laborers while they are in school as well as when they pursue employment in the marketplace. We also work to recruit, develop, and release men and women for missionary service on campus.

Influence Nations: Reaching international students while they study in America is one way to impact nations. Another is to mobilize International and American students for vocational service overseas. We also send campus missionaries to key university centers.

As students participate in Chi Alpha while in college, we model and seek to train them in a series of mission statements we hope we affect their behavior: we want every student to pray, give, go, and welcome…as it relates to the global mission mandate Jesus gave to His church.

Read Revelation 7:9.

The apostle John gave us quite an image of the “gathered” church at the second return of Jesus. I do not know how much time remains before the imminent return of our Lord and King. But Jesus commanded us to watch, pray, and work until He comes. Here are ten things I like my students (and everyone who follows Jesus as Lord) to be doing for His global mission.

First, read through the Bible with a mission perspective. Uncover God’s redemptive arc.

Second, develop friendships with missionaries beyond your Chi Alpha staff.

Third, take time to learn about the global mission adventure. Attend a “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” course. Read a missionary biography. Attend

Fourth, pray daily or weekly for world evangelization. Get a copy of Operation World to pray for nations and people groups. Pray for the international students on your campus.

Fifth, get involved with your Chi Alpha chapter’s mission strategy. Reach your campus to influence the United States and other nation’s. 2nd Timothy 2:2 it in your area of influence.

Sixth, start giving to mission’s each month as a student. Tithe on your income, make a monthly faith promise to missions, and give offerings regularly to advance the work of God.

Seventh, use your spring break and/or part of your summer for mission work (see #5).

Eighth, befriend an international student on your campus. Make room for one more friend.

Ninth, learn about tough places that need a witness for Jesus. Recruit your friends and go.

Tenth, consider missions as a long term career. Many should pray and give. Many should go.

Serve globally. God’s Word inspires God’s Work in His World. Let’s do our part.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2016 by Mike Olejarz

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