Monday Motivator – September 26

Nobody likes to think about dying, but the reality is we will all die someday. We even die a little bit each day.

I saw an old western recently where an old prospector came into town after a gold find and bought drinks for everyone in the bar. Someone asked him if he was afraid of dying with so many men out looking for gold and willing to do just about anything to get their hands on some.

He replied that he was not worried about the time he would die because he had made peace with his Maker. He joked when he said that if he ever found out where he would die, he would avoid that place at all costs. He added that he generally stayed away from “young fellers who were out for no good” as well as rattlesnakes and dangerous mines where gold was once found.

My doctor recently asked me during a checkup about my diet and exercise habits, vices (if any, like drinking too much, smoking, etc.) as well as checking my cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight. Not too bad overall, but he added that my breathing was a concern. How so, I asked? He said my breathing was gradually killing me, but there was nothing he or I could do about it. With every breath we take, we are shortening our lives a bit.

I said I never heard of such a thing. He said most of us recognize that we need oxygen to survive. But most of us do not realize that in the process of our bodies converting food to energy that the oxygen we breathe produces a byproduct that contributes to our aging. So the more you breathe, the more you age, and the closer you come to death. Obviously the alternative is worse! Stop breathing (like you could stop the aging process) and you stop living.

Read Acts 17:28.

In many ways, God is like oxygen. We cannot live without Him. We try very hard to, but ultimately come back to the reality of our dependence on His presence and place in our day to day existence. We could not wake up, get out of bed, feed ourselves, lift our mobile device to check our status, schedule, and apps, or even walk to class if God did not keep our hearts beating and moving the blood throughout our body’s systems.

I saw another reality of life when my mom and aunt died last fall of cancer. Physical death is a certainty we all will face, regardless of our family heritage, personal accomplishments, bank balance, etc. God has declared that physical death is a consequence of the sin of all humans. No one has ever avoided, beaten, or emerged valiant over death, except for King Jesus…and those who have put their faith, hope, and trust in Him. Scripture says we will all die and face God.

Trying to get away from Him is as futile as trying to stop breathing to slow down your aging. You and I have to face up to the fact that unless Jesus returns before we actually die, we will die nonetheless. For those of you in college it may be 50 years away or it could be sooner. The time to get ready is now.

Walk wisely. The one certainty about life is death. After you die, will you go to heaven? Get on good terms with God by putting your faith, hope, and trust into Jesus as your Savior. You’ll breathe easier knowing your future is secure by virtue of your relationship with God Himself.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2016 by Mike Olejarz

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