Monday Motivator – October 3

When have you had a chance to stand up for Jesus? What did you do?

I have watched college students for decades determine that they would live according to the teachings of Jesus. Despite the incessant messages of popular culture that you should do “whatever feels good” or “what makes you happy,” many decide that the ways of Jesus are safer, wiser, and ultimately healthier. Even though friends shrink back when told you won’t violate your values anymore, and they roll their eyebrows when you tell them it’s because Jesus has a better way for you, you stand your ground.

Want some examples of college students in Chi Alpha standing up for Jesus?

  1. Students put their faith, hope, and trust in Jesus for life’s greatest adventure.
  2. Students wait until marriage to have sex. Many told me they did not regret waiting.
  3. Students live out their faith on campus by doing their best in their academic area of study. They even take their professors out for coffee to learn of their spiritual journey.
  4. Students see living in the dorms (or a Greek house) as a chance to be a witness for Christ. They are intentional in living close to those far from God.
  5. Students address their sexual brokenness and find new hope, life, and strength in Jesus to move toward wholeness.
  6. Students reach out to their friends with news about the greatest book, story, and person of all time. They do not cower in fear of what others think of them.
  7. Students challenge the loose ethics and practices they witness at college and challenge the process by speaking up.
  8. Students live out Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship’s values of “every student prays, gives, goes, and welcomes.”
  9. Students volunteer to “give a year” of charitable and/or missional service after graduation for the extension of God’s Kingdom.
  10. Students practice biblical stewardship by tithing 10% of their gross earnings each month, saving 10%, and giving away 10%, all the while trusting the Lord for their provision and cultivating gratefulness for the daily blessings of our heavenly Father.

Read Titus 3:1-11.

We all recognize how hard it can be at times to “be ready to do whatever is good” (Titus 3:1). We see someone doing something that is dishonoring to the Lord, even harmful to them. We think, “I should say something to him or her,” but we rationalize away the opportunity, chicken out, and back away. We worry too much about what the person (or his or her friends) may think, and not so much about what the Lord thinks.

Students in Chi Alpha are not perfect, but they are trying to live out the teachings of Jesus. Even when they blow it, they remember God still loves them and offers forgiveness (1 John 1:9). They recognize God is patient and works to help them become more Christ-like even as they encourage other students to follow Jesus too.

Serve globally. When it is time to stand up for Jesus, Chi Alpha students don’t just sit there, but they are Spirit empowered to make a difference in their area of influence.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2016 by Mike Olejarz

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