Monday Motivator – November 7

I was passing out gospel literature at the main traffic crossing on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, MA, as people crossed from one side of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus to another. It was a few days before classes started, and I was enjoying making eye contact, smiling, and praying and hoping for divine contacts at the busy intersection.

A mother and father and several of their children came across the street and asked me, “Are you Mike Olejarz?” “Why yes,” I replied. They answered, “We just came from dropping off our daughter at the University of Illinois, where she participates in the Chi Alpha chapter there. Dave Short, the director of Chi Alpha heard us say we were going to MIT next to drop off our son Tony, and he said we should look to meet up with Mike O, the Chi Alpha director there.”

God had set up a divine appointment where we met on the sidewalk of a busy intersection. Isn’t He good? Tony was entering MIT as a freshman computer science major and was a quiet, young man. But he and I met a few days later and I was pleased to hear about Tony’s vision to grow his faith, get to know Jesus better, and be a witness for Jesus at MIT.

We worked to launch a small group for students we met at the student activities fair and did follow-up to meet students who came to other Chi Alpha sponsored activities. Tony invited many of his friends, and Liz started joining us. She was from a Christian family that lived in the greater Minneapolis, MN area. She was a quiet, young lady, but had a relationship with Jesus that was authentic and transformational.

Read Matthew 28:19-20.

Jesus gave His church a commission before He left. This mandate was given on at least three separate occasions after His resurrection (Matthew 28:19-20, John 20:21, and Acts 1:8). If Jesus took the time to repeat Himself, don’t you think we should acknowledge what He said was important and worth paying attention to?

The commission has been called “great” because of its scope, “all nations.” The task is focused on “making disciples of Jesus,” the culmination of all Jesus taught. After His resurrection, He sent His disciples (and the rest of us) out to continue the process. It was the final thing Jesus said, therefore it is “great” in importance, as last words are often lasting words.

Reaching the world can be achieved in one manner by reaching those who are being prepared and trained for leadership in tomorrow’s world, namely college students. Reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus will take men and women who have a heart for people. It will take men and women committed to make the words of Jesus the focus of their lives. These men and women have to reach, root, equip and send out others as we pray and ask the Father to send them out. Need I mention that we who pray such prayers should be willing to be the answers to our own prayer?

Tony and Liz were fishers of men and women at MIT. They embraced the task of making disciples of all nations while they were college students. They lived out the commission!

Serve globally. Let’s do the great commission of Jesus on our campuses and in the marketplace.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2016 by Mike Olejarz

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