Monday Motivator – June 19

There are four main people groups on campus: undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and foreign students. We break down those groups into segments for service and outreach, one example being students who live in dorms. Another are ethnic students. Where do we start? We need to decode the campus, which is simply taking the time to learn the campus you serve in terms of its ethnic student demographics.

Read Nehemiah 1:3-4 and Numbers 13:1, 17-20.

Here are ten ideas to consider starting ministry to ethnic students:

  1. Prayer walk the campus. Ask the Holy Spirit to allow you to see the campus in a new way, for His vision for the people there, and a burden to reach outside of your comfort zone to others He is interested in.
  2. What is the general breakdown of the ethnic student population?
  3. Look for ethnic churches around campus, including Christian organizations, like a gospel choir. Who are the ethnic communities’ gatekeepers and key leaders?
  4. Visit the multi-cultural center/office. Ask for a list of ethnic student groups and their leaders (it might be available on the campus web site). Then go meet them and say hello.
  5. Find out where ethnic students hang out on or near campus.
  6. Do some campus surveying by asking ethnic students about the organizations best serving them? Are they involved in any of these groups? Why or why not? What organizations or churches are seeking to meet the spiritual needs of students?
  7. Go out and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into a divine appointment where you can share your faith with someone of a different ethnicity.
  8. Pray for and look for key connectors into people groups (Luke calls them “people of peace” in Luke 10:1-12). Remember when the apostle Paul bumped into Lydia in Acts 16? She was an example of a person receptive to Paul and his message, and who was used by God to reach into her community. The idea is it needs to be someone who has influence in their campus community and desires to lead a contextualized movement for Jesus.
  9. Create and distribute ethnic specific freshmen survival kits at your student activities fair (or others times through the year, at ethnic events on campus, etc.). Hand them out where ethnic students hang out. This may be another way to surface a “person of peace.”
  10. Visit and connect with other Chi Alpha folks.

Serve globally. We in Chi Alpha Campus Ministries believe every student deserves a chance to study at the feet of the world’s greatest teacher. More importantly, they deserve a chance to be reconciled to Jesus. Join us to serve ethnic students on campus.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2017 by Mike Olejarz

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