Monday Motivator – July 3

What has God gifted and graced you to be and do?

I remember sitting in a freshman philosophy class and could not stop daydreaming. It did not matter a close friend was next to me, and the professor was talking about Thomas Aquinas and moral relativism. I was tired and my mind shifted to future job prospects. I wondered what would I do if professional baseball did not work out as I hoped. What was I going to do with my life?

I knew becoming a philosopher of any sort was out of the question. I knew baseball had future pro possibilities, but what if it didn’t work? How would I use my abilities to serve others and contribute to their betterment?

I took a taxi later that week and found myself contemplating, if only for the ride…how about being a cab driver. It was not on my list of top 5-10-or-anything I might do with my life. I certainly had not thought of being a cabbie as I previously sorted out colleges to play football and baseball at, and waited and hoped for scholarship offers. I did imagine my parents being a bit miffed if after college and an earned degree I announced I was going to fulfill my dream of driving a hack for a living.

Yet the cabbie that drove me that day was a friendly conversationalist who took an interest in me. It later struck me that I had never thought of how being a cab driver could be an opening for someone to affect his or her world for Jesus. But it can and did happen. This guy, Dave, was using his job as a taxi driver to make a difference in people’s lives.

Dave told me once he was waiting for his next fare at the bus station and got a call from the dispatcher that a senior citizen had been injured nearby. Dave drove him to the emergency room and shared godly comfort as he transported his injured passenger.

Another occasion had Dave picking up a person for an early morning trip to the airport. He arrived to find a number of people in front of the house. The person to be picked up was shouting to Dave that their pregnant neighbor had gone into labor while her husband had left for work. It fell upon Dave to drive her to meet her husband at the hospital while another neighbor drove the original passenger to the airport. Along the way, Dave comforted the soon-to-be mother with stories of his own children being born and the grace of God that helped he and his wife through several child births.

Read 1 Peter 4:1-11.

All of us can serve our Savior at work through our kindness, competence, generosity, and words. We are to use whatever gift(s) we have received from God by “faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms” (v 10).

Decide to use your current or future career, even the one you daydream about, to make a difference for Jesus. Depend on Him for strength to overcome obstacles to do so.

Think theologically. Just like Dave discovered, it’s not a job, but an adventure with God.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2017 by Mike Olejarz

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One response to “Monday Motivator – July 3

  1. Keith Wasserman

    Another good word Mike.. Grateful. Appreciate the opportunity to re-read I Peter 4 and I enjoyed the story of the cab driver. Gifts: What are the new gifts God wants to give me in this season of my life? Good question (and prayer) to explore.


    ps- I am taking some time off to rest, staying with a former intern and her husband in Florida for this week and then I’m sitting in on a week-long class at the Asbury Seminary Orlando campus on Faith, Work and Economics.


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