Monday Motivator – January 22

When the Babylonians under King Nebuchadnezzar defeated Jerusalem, Daniel was taken captive to Babylon (Daniel 1:1-6). There he served in the royal court (2:49). Daniel was soon promoted to a very high position (6:3), second only to the King.

Even though he was a captive of another empire, Daniel continued to be faithful to the Lord. His consistent and courageous testimony about His God towards various kings indicates his commitment and fidelity to the One True King. As he studied and reflected on Scripture (9:2), he realized his daily need to humble himself and seek God’s face in prayer and fasting. He continued to plead with God for the deliverance of his people and their country (9:3).

Let’s pray this week that the Lord will raise up men and women like Daniel in Muslim lands, and among Muslim international students here in America. Pray for the call, conviction, and courage to be a witness of the risen Christ to their people.

Lord of all the universe, Master of history, God of the impossible, we dare to come into your throne room, because Jesus died and opened up the way for us.

O God of measureless grace, grant leaders like Daniel to your Church among Muslims. Teach them knowledge and good judgment as they learn your commands. Guide their steps by your Word so they will not be intimidated by the enemy. Give them discernment and courage to challenge kings and rulers and bring honor to your name.

Fulfill your purposes and promises to them. Reveal your gracious plans to them.

Father, I stand in your holy presence and ask by faith, because Jesus my Lord sacrificed his life and blood for me, Amen.

Some of this content comes from the January 19 entry of “Praying for Muslims 2018: A Guide for Effective Intercession,” a resource I have been using for years. It has informed and inspired me about Muslims and helped me to pray for them. It is organized around a Friday prayer focus, since Friday is the Islamic weekend.

Each Friday includes a short reading that includes a specific prayer focus, information about the focus, brief points of prayer, and a promise from Scripture. Many Christians around the world fast a meal or more every Friday to pray for Muslims. You too can join us in this weekly fasting and prayer effort.

Read 2 Corinthians 4:4-6.

Go to each Friday to read the entry and pray. You can access a Kindle copy at Share this prayer guide with your friends. Hard copies can be purchased on the site above.

Grow devotionally. Who should use this Praying for Muslims Prayer Guide? You should. Your friends in your Chi Alpha chapter should. Your church should. And…?

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2018 by Mike Olejarz

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