Monday Motivator – April 2

I was blessed with loving parents who were not timid when it came to discipline. Years later I am grateful they understood and practiced that when a child breaks certain rules, there must be no debate. There must be swift, appropriate, and unavoidable consequences. I was the oldest of their four children, and of course, participated in their learning curve as young parents administering discipline.

If and when I broke a rule (and depending on the severity of the circumstances), I received a just punishment for my actions. Stealing candy from a neighborhood store merited being grounded for a week – no discussion. My mom was angry that I did something so reckless and wrong, and she could not brush off lightly what I had done.

Read 1 Chronicles 13:8-12.

The disobedience of Uzzah had consequences, too. As the Israelites were bringing back the ark of the covenant one day, the cart carrying it appeared to be unsteady. Uzzah put his hand out to steady it. When he touched the ark of God though, he died immediately.

It is hard for us to imagine why God would be so angry with Uzzah, a man who apparently was just trying to help. But we learn that it was pride that caused Uzzah to reach out for the ark. He thought he could get around God’s restriction (Exodus 25:12-15) and that God “needed” him to steady the ark. Wrong on both accounts.

Our pride is the same source of our disobedience to God at times, isn’t it? And it always carries with it some serious and inescapable costs. Broken relationships, loss of a job, loss of reputation, loss of trust, loss of integrity, illness, charges of academic dishonesty, and even death are just a few of the results we may have to suffer if we try to make life work without relying on God and His ways. The significance of living in pride versus humility, and rank disobedience to God is worth considering.

It is also important to contemplate and fully realize what Uzzah did.

He disobeyed the One True God, the King of Israel. He ignored the character of the Most Holy One, who is kind, compassionate, merciful, and loving. He is also holy and perfect. He is God. He is the Sovereign Ruler over all. He is in control – we are not. He makes the rules – we do not. Saying “No, Lord,” is an oxymoron. And it makes us a moron.

When have you disobeyed God? What were the consequences? What attitudes, behaviors, ideas, or thoughts do you have that reveal pride in your heart?

Watch the series on the Ten Commandments by Dennis Prager at to better understand the basis for human beings and societies to walk in God’s blessings.

It is hopefully as clear to us today as it was back in Uzzah’s day. We are to follow God’s instructions (i.e., commandments and ways) in obedience if we are to flourish. Let’s live humbly and simply and obediently before our Creator God. Grow devotionally. Pride always comes before a fall. Since God knows best, let’s live under His rule.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2018 by Mike Olejarz

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