Monday Motivator – May 7

What difference can people notice in you because of the presence of the Holy Spirit?

A college student names Sam told me about walking into a house several of his friends rented for the year. It was final exam week of the spring semester and time to get the place squared away before they moved out and the landlord did the cleaning before the summer renters moved in.

The student walked in and one whiff told him: They had at least one cat in the house.

Those of you who are no longer in the dorms on campus probably know this. But allow me to pass on a word of advice to those of you college students who plan to live off of campus sometime.  When your landlord says, “No pets,” it is not just because of what they do to the furniture. Keep in mind that while you (or your parents) probably did not pay for the couch, the landlord did.

Landlords have learned that dogs, cats, lizards, chimpanzees, even birds, have an air about them that lingers and stays in the apartment long after you and your pet leaves. Believe me, I know from off campus experience that I had when I was a student.

But the students mentioned above did not learn. It was easy on the first day the cat strolled by, purred suggestively, allowed the guys to stroke her upraised back, and attempted to adopt them. No one smelled any odor that day. Or thought about it. It meant that none of them ever had pets before. They even thought having a cat would help them connect with girls.

It didn’t take long and the guys discovered an unpleasant aroma that filled their nostrils. People can tell if there is a cat in the house. Sam knew it and said to the guys: “You have to get rid of the cat before the landlord finds out and charges you for the extra cleaning.”

Question: Can someone detect just as easily when the aroma of Jesus Christ is in the house?

Read Mark 5:1-20.

Jesus delivers a man from demon possession. Imagine the scene: pigs running down a steep hill into a lake, while a once insane man now sits quietly and calmly, and he is fully clothed.

The man wanted to go with Jesus. But the Lord stopped him and sent him back to his family. He was to be a witness of his heavenly transformed life to those closest to him. His witness would reveal a powerful story of a loving and supernatural God. People would notice the difference Jesus had made in him.

Our lives should carry the fragrance of Jesus, too. People should look at us, smile with recognition and say, “Hey there, that appears to be a person who has encountered the Savior.” It should be as evident as cat smell, and a whole more pleasant.

Grow devotionally. Your landlord might not allow pets in his/her rental properties. But I am sure you, as a believer and follower of Jesus, would be more than welcome. Let God into every area of your life and people are sure to notice. How strong is your faith fragrance?

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2018 by Mike Olejarz

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