Monday Motivator – July 23

Do you feel inadequate in sharing the message of Jesus’ gospel with someone? How can you prepare yourself? Have you ever said, “The reason I don’t say anything about Jesus is because I won’t know what to say about Him. And if I tried, I’ll sure I’ll mess it up.”

Imagine protests breaking out on your college campus over students in your Chi Alpha chapter doing 2×2 evangelism. Student leaders would pair up with younger students and take them out to talk with other students. Their approach would be to walk up to someone and introduce themselves by saying, “Hello. My name is Mike and this is my friend Jeff. We are with a student organization on campus called Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. We are interested to hear what students think about Jesus and His teachings. Would you be willing to tell us what you think about Jesus and His teachings?” If the student says yes, Mike and Jeff listen and determine if this will turn into a healthy conversation. If the student says no, they thank them and move on to another person.

It turns out someone was “offended” that Christian students were out “promoting Christianity” and reported the matter to the Dean of Students. Sadly, Mike and Jeff were called to the Dean’s office and berated for their actions. Ignoring the facts of the actual conversations Mike and Jeff had, the reality of free speech on a public college, not asking Mike and Jeff’s side of the story, and that the “offended” person did not engage in but merely heard about it from a friend (who by the way said they enjoyed the interchange of ideas), Mike and Jeff were put on probation for violating campus speech codes. A “trial” before the student organizations council would be held in a few weeks.

Mike and Jeff asked Christians on campus to pray. They suggested God was working in this chaotic situation in at least three ways.

  1. A student blogged in the campus newspaper that the name of Jesus was the sweetest name she had ever heard. Growing up in China never afforded her the chance to encounter Jesus until she came to America.
  2. After a recent Veritas Forum on campus, many students had been showing “The Jesus Film” in dorms and Greek houses to large numbers of students with vibrant dialogue.
  3. While going to class one day, Mike and Jeff asked a professor who came to work with a high fever if they could pray for him in the name of Jesus. This prof had participated in the Veritas Forum as a skeptic of Christianity and scoffed at the idea that Bible was in any way reliable for anything but brainwashing “nitwits” (his language was more harsh). The Lord healed the professor on the spot, in front of his class.

Read 1 Peter 3:15-17.

None of us who have done 2×2 would call Mike and Jeff “wimpy.” They replied, “We enjoy hearing what people think about Jesus and we just share what we have seen and heard.” Jeff added, “I feel inadequate every time I talk about my faith. I’ve learned that God just needs warm bodies who love Him and are willing to go.” Live communally. Together, ordinary people can tell the extraordinary story of Jesus.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2018 by Mike Olejarz

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