Monday Motivator – August 20

True or false: If you do not grow, your ministry, organization, non-profit, etc., will not grow.

There are a few principles about growth that have been shown to be valuable and necessary. Three areas about growth that need to understood and followed.

The first is, you must grow yourself. You cannot take people where you have not been. The second is, you have to grow your people. You must put them in a place that energizes them (i.e., purpose, cause, or mission). It requires an atmosphere that enables growth. Third, you must grow your organization.

These three principles work in concert and cannot be ignored or reversed. If so, growth will not occur. Let’s consider why the first principle is such a crucial starting place.

Imagine a scenario where one of the senior student leaders of your Chi Alpha chapter becomes lethargic in his or her devotion to Jesus and their corresponding responsibilities. They appear disinterested in the cause, show up late to regular team meetings, and are lax in following through on agreed upon steps of action. What happens?

Morale could erode. The passion and focus on fall blitz follow-up efforts begins to drift. Younger student leaders wonder if they are allowed to act in such a manner. As go student leaders, so goes the Chi Alpha chapter. Knowing junior and senior student leaders set the tone and pace for what happens means you need the kind of people who will be “thermostats,” not merely thermometers.

Read Mark 4.

Jesus referred to four kinds of people who grow.

First, there are those who grow for the moment. They have no depth because circumstances tend to kill their growth. They appear to be ready to grow but still have “hard soil” in their hearts that needs to be tended.

Second, there are those who grow to the level of their emotions. They have no discipline yet. They appear to have such shallow soil of character that when emotion wears off and difficulties arise, there is not enough to build on.

Third, there are those who grow to the level of their circumstances. They have some commitment, but just enough to get out of their problem(s). There are too many “things” competing for their allegiance and they are not ready to clear away the clutter for the “better.”

Fourth, there are those who grow in their understanding and application of the words of Jesus. They have diligence. They hear the Word, embrace it, practice it, and reflect healthy growth.

All four kinds of people showed some growth, but most of the first three’s growth was unsustainable. Think theologically. Jesus said in John 15:5 that being a fruitful follower of His hinges on a growing nature. Abiding in Jesus leads to positive and demonstrative results.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2018 by Mike Olejarz

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