Monday Motivator – February 4

The mission statement of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries declares our purpose, “Reconciling Students to Christ: Transforming the University, the Marketplace, and the World.”

We recognize four areas of mission that we must engage: first, we seek to persuade those outside the rule of Jesus to put their faith, hope, and trust in Him; second, we want to help young people raised in the Church to not merely survive their university years, but thrive as growing Christ-followers; third, we want to offer hospitality and friendship to international students; fourth, we want to develop Christ-honoring leaders of the men and women we connect with and serve when they are students.

Scripture presents key ideas regarding the necessity of leaders. The Book of Proverbs announces that it takes a leader of real understanding, with a plan, to straighten out chaotic circumstances (Proverbs 28:2). When good people are promoted, good things result, even as you should watch out when bad people are in charge (28:12).

When you have leaders who hate corruption, the future is bright (28:16). We all know times when good leaders run things because the people are glad. Yet when poor leaders run the show, everyone groans (29:2). A leader of good judgment gives stability whereas a bad leader leaves a trail of waster (29:4).

We know that healthy leaders always trust and empower others to use their gifts and let them enjoy the credit for the results. The leader who reflects the character of Jesus is one who serves others. Servant leaders do not avoid risk, promote themselves, or just listen. They are servant-doers. Leadership is an opportunity to serve. So we invest in leadership development.

Jesus modeled the principle early in the Gospels that one of the first tests of leadership is the ability to draw others to you. The next significant test is your ability to develop the people around you. We in Chi Alpha agree with Dr. John Maxwell that the true measure of leadership is influence. People listen to and follow good leaders.

People naturally look for, respect, and follow leaders who are stronger than they are. Influence means people are attracted to who a leader is as well as their vision casting and skill level. Good leaders connect because they know how to touch a heart before they ask for a person’s hand. Good leaders walk among their people to know their problems and walk with God to find solutions. Ultimately, people buy into the leader first, then their vision.

Read 1 Timothy 4:12.

We know that college ministry rises and falls on student leaders. Campus ministry is built on courageous students willing to die to themselves and follow Jesus. We know we are bearing fruit when student leaders accept and embrace change and are willing to make great commitments. Praise God for students willing to take up their cross daily and walk in His power.

Our staff model and teach student leaders that leadership is more what you do than what you say. The ultimate test all young student leaders need to learn and grow in is in the consistency of their words and actions. John the apostle wrote, “Whoever clams to live in Jesus must walk (not just talk) as Jesus did (1 John 2:6).

Serve globally. Pray for Chi Alpha staff and student leaders to live, love, and lead like Jesus.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2019 by Mike Olejarz

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