Monday Motivator – April 29

What mysteries of God trouble you the most? Do you talk with Him about the questions you have? Do you discuss your concerns with other people to gain insight and perspective?

My wife and I have a great relationship that has endured ups and downs for almost thirty-seven years and counting, but we do not always understand each other completely. She is an early morning person while I am a late-night person. She is very quiet, keeps to herself, and enjoys a good book in a comfortable chair under a blanket. It is a mystery to her why I watch sports on TV and I watch in amazement as she accomplishes shopping in such short periods of time, and her efforts always results in great bargains.

Barbara and I have learned that to love someone does not mean you have to understand them completely. Being together so long means we still have questions about one another that we pursue because there is much more to know. We also realize there is so much we have not learned about each other yet and we will not really know each other fully. And that is okay.

That realization should come as good news regarding our human relationships. It also should be good news because there is no way we can even begin to grasp the mysteries of God. Mr. Beaver in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (from the Chronicles of Narnia) said, “He is good, but He is not safe.” God sometimes does things that do not make sense to us, because they seem so different from how we might have considered the situation.

In our finite and often self-centered way of thinking, we really struggle with why God allows suffering. We cannot begin to imagine why God does not seem to answer prayer, why He seems to let the innocent suffer while the proud and evil get away with so much. Why do evil men and women find their way to power so often and cultural and societal institutions accommodate them so willingly? Why are our leaders allowed to continue in their roles after their policies continue to produce terrible results, yet they continue to promulgate ideas that never do more than keep them in power and in the current news cycle? Why do bad ideas hang around so long?

Some people look at these situations and turn their back on God because they assume their finite knowledge is better than His infinite wisdom and perfect knowledge.

Read Isaiah 46:8-11.

There is another way to look at things that happen around us. If we could figure God out, and He were a mere glorified (i.e., higher) human type with a higher IQ than most of us, but not much more than the smartest professor at an Ivy League school, what would do with the lost awe, wonder, majesty, and transcendent view of Almighty God?

I believe that one of the best reasons to believe that God is great is that we simply cannot define Him, discover Him on our own, and ultimately figure Him out. Isaiah posed a great question in chapter 40, verse 14 of his book, “Whom did the Lord consult to enlighten Him?”

Think theologically. It is good to trust in Someone who knows everything, is all-powerful, and very good. If God were not mysterious, He would not be God. Mr. Beaver instructed his visiting friends to Narnia that even when we do not understand His ways, we can still trust Him.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2019 by Mike Olejarz

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