Monday Motivator – September 30

Being on a college campus can be an illuminating experience. Walk into the student center on any given day and you can be overwhelmed with information tables representing various student organizations, volunteer opportunities, even job recruiting options.

Buy clothing from a minority business started by students and you can upgrade your fashion look. Make a donation to a rescue operation for animals and help a local shelter find homes for these dogs and cats. Are you interested in raising funds for a student organization partnering with the Red Cross to help victims of a recent disaster? How about signing up to be a Big Brother or Big Sister and tutoring kids in after school programs near campus?

There are a lot of worthwhile charities that you come across on campus that student groups start and/or partner with. The idea of giving back is a good investment of your time and resources, and it may even contribute to the development of your resume.

Yet our culture is inundated with lots of calls for our time and investment. Last week, I started getting calls on my cell phone from a Chinese (I think) company in New York City, which I could not understand, since I do not speak that language. Who knows what they were asking?

Then a call came from a local charity asking for a generous contribution to their annual fund drive. A computer voice offered me a two-day, two-night vacation at a time share (in a location of my choice) for a gift of more than $300.00.

I decided to call the toll-free number to get my number added to a national no-call list. I have gotten less calls of late, which leads me to greater silence and peace, especially after dinner.

It is okay to work on margin in your life and reduce the number of phone calls you get each week from telemarketers. It is also okay to not have to respond to every invitation you see on campus when you pass through the student center.

We do, however, need to be careful about not blocking calls from God. In our concern to block out unwanted interruptions, we need to avoid the mistake of missing a call from God. If we have not heard from God lately, it may be because we have let Him know we are not as interested in hearing from Him. Have you put yourself on a no-call list?

Read Jeremiah 4:3-10.

Jeremiah lived in Judah’s most troubled times. Yet he made himself stay connected to God and kept the line of communication open. For years, he faithfully relayed the messages the Lord had given him for the Israelites. When the “word of the Lord” came to Jeremiah (1:4-10), he passed on the message in obedience.

Have you heard from the Lord (via your Bible reading and/or study, or a sermon), and He is urging you to do some act of kindness, be a witness to a classmate, or give extra in the offering? What might be some indication that you need to sharpen your antenna to better hear God?

Walk wisely. Hearing from God is our lifeline to flourishing. Keep your ears open and listen.

Love is a verb,

Mike Olejarz

©2019 by Mike Olejarz

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