I am excited about a resource I helped create – the Chi Alpha edition of Habitudes, in partnership with Dr. Tim Elmore, president of Growing Leaders and author of the Habitudes series. The general Habitudes books of Dr. Tim Elmore have 13 images. Our Chi Alpha Habitudes special edition is unique in that it has 24 images grouped around 4 core competencies of leadership with six images per category. Research indicates the four core competencies of leadership are interpersonal leadership, change leadership, performance leadership, and self-leadership. A leader becomes great when they build terrific relationships with the people they work with; they move a group of people from today’s reality to a better tomorrow; they are able to produce results that last; and they stay grounded due to a commitment to continuous personal growth.

Our edition is made up of 24 images – six each built around 4 servant leadership competencies:

1. Interpersonal Leadership – building great relationships with those you work with.

2. Change Leadership – moving people from today’s reality to a better tomorrow.

3. Performance Leadership – the ability to produce results that last.

4. Self Leadership – staying grounded due to continuous personal growth.


I believe many could benefit from Habitudes. For example:

+Pastors could use it to equip church staff and board members.

+Marketplace leaders may use it as they lead their organizations.

+Church and Small group leaders could use it in people development.

+Youth pastors could use it to grow senior high students.

+Parents could use it to prepare their kids for post-high school.


You may purchase a copy of the Chi Alpha Edition of Habitudes by contacting me. The cost of a book is $20, plus shipping.

As Dr. Harvey Herman says in the Forward of the book, “I know these images will help you to do Job One – equip the saints for works of service. As you grow your leaders, you will see God grow your ministry.” Or your church staff, your organizational team, your family, etc. Order a copy for yourself and let me know how it adds value to you and those in your network of influence.

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