Join Our Team

I appreciate your willingness to consider partnering with Barbara and me as we serve in collegiate ministry on the national level with training missionaries, mentoring leaders, and developing resources. Here is an overview of what we are looking for from potential partners:


FIRST, we need a group of partners who will make a monthly financial commitment to us for a four year term, which is the length of our term of service. This investment goes to our salary, health insurance, retirement, and general communications package. Our new four year term of service started in January of 2017.

To join our team as a monthly partner, we need you to (1) fill out a faith promise form and (2) decide whether you want to donate each month via personal check, a monthly credit/debit payment, or online. You can handle both steps via paper/snail mail, or electronically.

Please go to to start the process. Type in my last name [Olejarz] and our account page opens up. Enter the amount of your monthly commitment and click on the tab to “set up a new, recurring gift.”

You will notice a checkmark under my name, next to the faith promise box. This simply confirms you are making a monthly “faith promise”(or monthly commitment) to Barbara and me. For me to be released to my mission assignment, I need to have faith promise forms equalling my budget total.

Then click “proceed to checkout” to set up your giving process. You can checkout as a guest or set up a log in process. Then you hit “submit contribution.”

That’s it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Please take care of these steps and start sending in your monthly gift right away.

PrayerSECOND, we need a group of partners who will make a commitment to pray and fast for us one day a week. Pick a day and pray that God will empower me to develop, resource, and release more leaders for the work of Christ. Pray for people interested in serving in the greatest rescue operation of all time.

To join our team as a prayer partner, simply email me at and let me know which day you will take your stand before God on our behalf. Be sure to check out the prayer helps page for suggestions.


THIRD, we need a group of partners who will make an annual financial commitment to leadership training and resource development projects for the next four years. I am praying for people, churches, business and corporate leaders to invest $100, $250, $500, $1000, $1500, $2500, $5000, or $10,000 a year in what we are doing. The idea is to consider investing in one of our projects each year for a four year cycle.

See the Projects page for stuff I am working on that needs someone to champion.

To join our team as a project partner, contact me to determine where your gift should be sent. Some gifts will be sent to my missionary account at Assemblies of God headquarters, but others, like INCITE, would be sent to another location.

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