MY NATIONAL MISSION ASSIGNMENT – Training Missionaries, Mentoring Leaders, & Developing Resources

“If the university today dominates the world, and if Jesus is who the Church and the Bible proclaim Him to be, and if we happen to believe that what the Church and the Bible claim about Jesus Christ is the truth, then how can we fail, not only to raise the question of what Jesus Christ thinks of the university, but also face the equally urgent demand: what can be done?” Dr. Charles Malik

The college and university student population of America (17.5 million) and the world (40 million) is a vast and dynamic mission opportunity. To reach these students will require prayer, fasting, trained and accountable missionaries, strategic and long-term funding, boldness to advance to the gospel in an academic setting, and mission structures capable of supporting and inspiring growth.

I was approved in January of 2017 for another 4 year term of missionary service with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, based in Charlottesville, VA.

I am currently working on several projects, listed below:

First, I am coaching Chi Alpha missionaries at many layers of our organization (i.e., campus, state, regional, and national leaders) in their personal and professional development, along with support raising.

Second, I am working with Gregg Glutting (National Support Raising Specialist for Chi Alpha) in upgrading materials and training processes/events for Chi Alpha Support Raising Trainers across the country.

Third, I am working with Paul Austin (National Pioneering Specialist for Chi Alpha) in offering a training and mentoring process for men and women who leave other careers to join Chi Alpha. We are calling it “New Director Training (NDT) for Second Career Staff,” and it involves equipping people who in some cases cannot participate in part of our new staff training pathway due to family and life stage. We have also launched “New Director Training for Emerging Chi Alpha Staff,” which is for current Chi Alpha staff who desire to launch out and start new Chi Alpha chapters. In June 2019 we will launch a NDT track for pioneer campus missionaries (led by Paul) and church staff track (led by veteran missionary, Jerry Gibson).

Fourth, I am the only approved Support Raising Trainer in the Northeast region. I team up with Josh Moran (James Madison University) and Abigail Herrera (The University of Virginia), Chi Alpha colleagues to host the annual Northeast Support Raising Training weekend in Charlottesville, VA, in the spring.

Fifth, I still lead a team of Northeast Chi Alpha missionaries to plan and execute Northeast INCITE, our premier training event for Chi Alpha missionaries in the region. http://www.neincite.com.

Sixth, I travel and do field work. I enjoy visiting and encouraging campus missionaries, state (i.e., district) and area (i.e., regional) leaders, in the Northeast, or wherever I am invited.

In summary, I serve as a sort of Gandalf (see Lord of the Rings) type figure in Chi Alpha world, calling, visiting, resourcing, mentoring, and encouraging Chi Alpha staff to serve the Lord with gladness and excellence.

Thanks for dreaming the dream of changing the university and changing the world. Your partnership is critical and strategic! Together, we can reach students, train leaders, and impact nations.

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