Northeast Chi Alpha

During August and the month of September, thousands of college students will converge upon a campus in the Northeast United States. They’ll come from small towns across the region and country, large cities like New York, Boston, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle and Denver, and hundreds of nations like China, India, Iran, Australia, France, and Russia. As they move into their residence halls, apartments, and houses, the start of the new year will unfold.

Imagine the opportunity the Church has to influence the world for Christ through undergraduate, graduate, and international students, and the faculty that will teach them. Underlined are the 4 main people groups of a campus.

The first few weeks of school are an especially crucial time for freshmen. Decisions made during your first few days on campus have the potential and power to shape your whole college experience. Chi Alpha is there in the midst of this dynamic opportunity. We will help students move into their dorms, shuttle international students to grocery stores, extend friendship by hosting events, and participate in welcome student activities. Most importantly, we’ll be ready to share the love and hope of Christ with anyone we come across.

We need your help! Behind every creative endeavor to meet and build friendship with students, there is a prayer and financial cost. Every root beer float, poster, handout, and gift card, hot dog giveaway, freshman survival kit, and Bible study kickoff requires resources, supplies, and God’s anointing.

Here is a list of the missionaries (and other leaders) who serve in the Northeast United States. Besides their name and campus, I included the district they are located in: NNED = Northern New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont); SNED = Southern New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island); PENN-DEL = Pennsylvania-Delaware; NEW YORK; POTOMAC = Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and part of West Virginia.

Matt Sprenger, Northeast Area Director for Chi Alpha. State Chi Alpha Directors are listed below.

* indicates Team Leaders.

Choose one or two to pray for as they head into a period of summer rest and preparation for what we call the “fall blitz.” Ask the Lord if He would have you send “startup” financial resources their way (if so, contact me and I’ll assist you to get in contact).


NNED (Maine-Vermont-New Hampshire)

State Chi Alpha Director – Joe Gavin

Joe Gavin*, Adam Koelsch, Ashleigh Simpson, Lisa Marie Thibault, at the University of Vermont.

Mac & Mindi Holderfield*, Dolan & Molly Ellis, Chelsey Anderson, Josh & Leah Gray, at the University of Maine.


SNED (Massachussetts-Connecticut-Rhode Island)

State Chi Alpha Director – Rob Malcolm

Gene & Lynn Breitenbach*, Thomas & Cassie Van der Laan, Boston University

Shane and Treva Adams*, Peggy Belanger, Jay Ellison, Dan Johnson, the University of Massachusetts

Gil & Lindsay Banton*, Brad Hackett, the University of Connecticut

Rob & Sarah Malcolm*, Stevens & Jenna DeJesus, Jenny Groff, Bonnie Duncan, Yale University

Dr. Andy Cunningham*, Yale University (Focus on International Students and Scholars)



State Chi Alpha Director – Fabian Kalapuch

Carl & Christine Nalbandian*, Ian Buchanon, David Corkum, Elizabeth Green, Richard Partheymuller, Bill & Laura Walsh, Joelle Wilson,  Rowan University

Brian Adams*, Elizabeth Reynes, Rutgers University

Natasha Rivera (volunteer), Montclair State University



State Chi Alpha Director – Joel Schreiber

Joel Schreiber*, Brianna Brusco, Kristina Casto, Johnnie Hice, Sara Koehler, Jonathan Mendoza, Allyson Sarring, TJ Schaeffer, Cody Tanner, Eric & Kayla Tobergte, Edinboro University

Rebecca & Brodon Carpenter*, Alycia Bini, Penn State – Behrend campus

Dr. Phil McCleod*, Mark Hoffman, Temple University

Joe & Heidi Barrale*, Church Mobilizers

Paul Waldecker*, Penn State University

Tom Reigel*, University of Delaware



State Chi Alpha Director – Jared Berry

Joe & Nicole Sedillo*, Buffalo State

Craig & Kaitlyn Richey*, Conner & Katelyn Anderson, Olivia Schmelter, Queens College

Nicholas & Stephanie Hanson*, Alex and Sarah Murphy, The City College of New York

Jordan and Gabriela Elliott*, Binghamton University


POTOMAC (Maryland, Virginia, The District of Columbia, and part of West Virginia)

State Chi Alpha Director – Josh Moran

Charlie & Claudia Rosser#, Richard Epperly, Jessica Gardner, Sarah Halbert, Conor William Hannah, Shelby Matteson, Kasandra Myers, Raven Thomas, Fairmont State College (WV)

Jessyln & David Warder*, Jon & Caitlyn Mitchell, Frostburg State University (MD)

Blane Young*, Natalie Hill, Jolene Carter, Alexis Faubel, American University (DC)

Pete & Amy Bullette*, John Barry, Blair Brake, Christopher Cole, Josh & Cathy Fairchild, Sarah Moss Fletcher, Amanda Frickie, Rigo and Abigail Herrera, Erin Herrman, Danielle Hutcherson, Kellsey Leopold, Jen Moss, Blake & Morgan Thompson, University of Virginia

Josh & Katie Moran*, Hunter & Julia Johnson, James Madison University (VA)

Mike & Jennifer Godzwa*, Noah Clarke, Faith Clarke, Moises Davidson, Allyson Holmstedt, Lauryn Hopkins, Jessica Mack, Gilmar Palma, Hannah Palma, Virginia Commonwealth University

Marcus Floyd*, Jasmine Yanez, Virginia Union University

Blane Young*, Caroline Doherty, German Figueroa, Georgetown University (DC)

Charles & Katie Sombrio*, Ian Case, Jeff Godfrey, Chris & Grace Mancillas, Sean & Heather McEntee, West Virginia University

Jenny McinTosh*, Marty Marra, Amanda Tyler, Longwood University (VA)

Caleb Yirdaw*, George Mason University (VA)

Autumn Heflin*, University of Mary Washington (VA)


Thanks for helping us reach students, train leaders, and influence nations for Christ. Your prayer and financial investment in Chi Alpha is bearing a huge dividend for God’s Kingdom.


Northeast INCITE ( is the annual staff training event for missionary personnel serving with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries in the Northeast United States. Thanks for praying for & financially investing in INCITE.

Go to (click on the LIVE button) to listen to the talks, see pictures, and examine resources you may find helpful in your life and area of influence.

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