Current Projects that Need Investors:

A. A variety of office supplies for under $100.00. Example: A roll of 100 stamps; a set of mailing labels (Avery 8160, 1″ x 2 and 5/8″).

B. $250.00 for a quarterly leadership resource (called Barnabas Kits) I send to various missionary leaders of Chi Alpha that I am coaching and mentoring.

C. One $500.00 and one $1,500 gift for 2021 Northeast INCITE. INCITE is an annual staff training conference I direct in June for Chi Alpha staff in the Northeast United States. I need to raise $1,500.00 for staff training in 2021.

D. $50,000 to underwrite the cost of 125 Chi Alpha missionaries attending INCITE 2021.

NOTE: If you want to contribute to any of the projects listed, contact me at and I’ll give you instructions on where to send the funds and who to make your gift payable to. Different projects are handled through different accounting structures.

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