Thanks for taking a moment to check out who we  are and what we are up to. Barbara and I appreciate your interest in us and hope you will be encouraged by something you encounter here.

I have had the privilege of serving with Chi Alpha  Campus Ministries since 1982 (14.5 years in Ohio,  15 years in Boston, and back with the National Team, where we have been based in Charlottesville, VA since the fall of 2011). I especially enjoyed my last assignment in pioneering and developing Chi Alpha in Boston as well as in New England and the Northeast.

I have loved serving again on the national level with training missionaries, mentoring leaders, and developing resources. But a little of the back story…

In 2004, I was one of a select group of Chi Alpha veteran missionaries asked by national director Dennis Gaylor to participate in a national assessment of Chi Alpha. We all agreed Chi Alpha needed upgrades in eight key areas. We were then asked to lead Chi Alpha 2010, a five-year process to address those areas of concern. Even though most of us were locally based (me in Boston), we accepted the mantle of extra responsibility for a few years.

I am excited to report that we have made much progress since 2005 in all eight areas. One example are the thousands of new students involved across the country. Another are the new missionaries we have added. When I came to Boston in 1996, there was a small number of Chi Alpha missionaries serving in the Northeast U.S. Now we have more than 100, many of whom are under the age of 40. I am currently encouraging and investing in many of them (see right).

In 2010, Dennis Gaylor approached a few of us to consider a shift in our mission assignment and Barbara and I prayed about it. It had been a tremendous 15 years pioneering and developing Chi Alpha’s first urban, multi-campus project. We reached students, trained leaders, influenced nations in Boston, as well as developed the Southern and Northern New England districts (and assisted New York), and given key leadership to the development of Chi Alpha in the Northeast. God blessed us and we have blessed many others, and many churches, business leaders, and individuals have been a key part of it.

But the national office asked me to step into a larger leadership role in our mission movement, believing I have greater capacity, gifts, and experience for helping the work of God expand nationally and globally. So in 2011, I accepted Dr. Harvey Herman’s invitation to join the national missionary training and resource development team based in Charlottesville, VA. I mailed out a brochure to all of our support partners that details my assignment. 

As we continue on a new adventure in collegiate ministry on the national level, I need the prayer, encouragement, and financial partnership of many individuals, alumni, churches, and corporate leaders to enable me to do the work God has asked me to carry. We have our needed budget, and I have been loving my new assignment as a National Field Specialist…training missionaries, mentoring leaders. and developing resources.

We sold our home in Boston in July ’11 and relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia in September ’11. We are settled into our new place, found a good church, and are connecting with our neighbors.

I hope you will consider adding us to your charitable or faith promise giving and even consider making a project gift (details can be found on the JOIN OUR TEAM or PROJECTS page). Join me in working to reach more students, train more leaders, and influence more nations for Christ.

I post a Monday Motivator every Monday based on our five objectives for students (see description on the MM Page…you can subscribe for free and get the MM’s sent to your email address).

We hope you will come along for the adventure.

Love is a verb,

Mike O

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