Mike Olejarz is the oldest of four children and was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He has a good sense of humor, enjoys seeing other people succeed, and wants to invest in the next generation of leaders. He decided to start following Jesus as a junior at Ohio University, through the influence of varsity baseball teammates and students at Ohio University.

Barbara is the middle of three sisters and was born and raised in Roanoke, VA. She is a kind, intelligent woman who enjoys serving others. She was raised in a Christian home, and is a former debate champion (which makes it’s tough for Mike to win an argument).

Barbara and Mike met at graduate school at Ohio U. in 1981, were engaged and later married in August 1982, and they have been serving with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries since 1982.

Mike enjoys reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Spiderman comics, collects baseball cards, and enjoys watching old TV shows like Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Columbo, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. He is active in sports such as golf, racquetball, and bicycling. Barbara enjoys reading, sewing, cooking, and maintains a disciplined exercise regimen, which is critical for her as a person with Parkinson’s disease.

Mike directed Chi Alpha at Ohio U. from 1982 -1990. He served as the District Chi Alpha Director for Ohio from 1985-1993. He served as the Great Lakes Regional Rep for Chi Alpha from 1986-1991. He served as the Eastern United States Field Director of Chi Alpha from 1990-1995. He served as the metro director of Chi Alpha in Boston from 1996-2011. During that time, he directed the Chi Alpha chapter at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. He also served as the district director for Chi Alpha in the Southern New England District (Massachusetts-Connecticut-Rhode Island) of the Assemblies of God during the same time. Since the fall of 2011, Mike has served in national leadership based in Charlottesville, VA. His current title is National Field Specialist.

While Mike has worked in local, state, regional, and national campus ministry settings, Barbara put her gifts and calling into practice in the marketplace as an accountant with OxFam, based in Boston, MA. She went on disability retirement in June of 2020 due to Parkinson’s disease.

Mike and Barbara have two grown children, Sarah and Josh.

Please pray for the Olejarz: First, for a healthy and holy marriage…they celebrated another anniversary on August 28, and are going for 50 years. Second, for their children to integrate their faith in their daily lives in the marketplace; Third, for the grace, strength, and wisdom of God to carry out their mission responsibilities. For a bonus prayer, pray Colossians 4:2-6 and Isaiah 49:2 for Mike and Barbara.

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